To the Drawing Room

Singapore-based wedding designer who believes in sincerity and conserving true stories through design. 

the vision

Photo by Ting Wang of  Ksana

Photo by Ting Wang of Ksana


To the drawing room with thee
Let’s gather now with guileless ease
In earnest touch and sincere speak
Redemption of goodness seek
Paper, word, stone, wood and bow
Each poised with thought, a heart to know
Unearthed - unfeigned and unreserved -
A celebration of greater worth

 Curating memoirs; truth be told
An honest moment to behold


Perhaps I’m a wedding designer who would like to be a conservationist too.
I believe in the redeeming power of truth, of sincerity. 

Maybe that’s why nature is so confouding and healing at once. The wild is so full of truth. Unbridled fearsome strength in the pounce of a lionness hunting. A bud blossoming unrushed in its own time. The raw threat of a lightning-lit sky. Foamy waters charging unruly and untamed over a rocky bed. The irreplicable texture of the bark of a tree. It confronts humanity with reality.

Maybe that’s why it’s hard not to warm at those who wear their hearts on their sleeves. 
Maybe that’s why a young child seems so undamaged.

Maybe that’s why I’ve always thought that the most powerful photographs are those that capture people unaware, spilling over their restraints, in a moment of their unmasked element. A laugh they couldn’t help, a tear they couldn’t contain, sadness spilling out of a heavy searching gaze, secret unpainted smiles at a thought unbeknown to another soul, a twitch of discomfort.  A loving touch, thick with desire. The fire in the eyes of someone betrayed. An embrace that communicates want without words.

The spirit is destroyed by ingenuity. 
History is marred by untruth.

Perhaps I’m a wedding designer who fancies herself a conservationist-- conserving the natural resource of sincerity, authenticity and real human history.

Lofty as it sounds, the ambition – the heart – is this:
To reclaim authenticity. 
To protect goodness from being lost. 
To curate what is real. 

Joining the throngs of like-minded people out there, who are marching to the same tune… attempting to change the world in small simple ways, whatever way they can, wherever they are. And believing that in small ways, we can protect some of this goodness from being lost. 

I cannot change the world… but I can perform my role towards that vision. One person, one couple  - one true story - at a time, working together towards the more important things. Towards being real, towards goodness. Towards crafting products that are not born of mere vanity. 

I love weddings.

I love weddings because it is one of those days so profound in a person’s history. It’s a celebration of two people buffed by life, awakening to the desire of doing the rest together. 

More importantly, I love weddings that are constructed with goodness and sincerity. I have great respect for that and have made it my dream. Choosing personal over personality, vanity or mere visual appeal. Wedding couples who host with heart and presence over going through the motions. People who stand against making choices that are out-of-character because of unnecessary pressure or norms. Keeping sight of opportunities to do something special, heartfelt and selfless – for guests, for loved ones, even for each other. 

I’m excited to conserve your story with you.