To the Drawing Room

Singapore-based wedding designer who believes in sincerity and conserving true stories through design. 



Package I
Design Consultation

This package is for you if you’re one of those couples that are pretty hands-on & DIY yourselves and just need that bit of help at the start to dream up your celebration, explore personal touches and organize them systematically. 

Through conversation about your journeys, I will listen to your visions, seek to uncover what’s meaningful for you and let that inspire the production of an inspiration book that will be your visual guide as you prepare for your celebration. You will also find it useful to share your board with your vendors and helpers to help them understand your wedding design scheme. 

What you will get:

  • PDF inspiration book consolidating and organizing proposed ideas for your celebration. We will talk through the ideas together.
  • Recommendations of suitable vendors where applicable
  • DIY how-to tutorials where possible

Lead time: 

Recommended lead-time of 4 months, minimum lead-time of 1.5 months to requirement of style board. 


Package II
Photoshoot Design & Set-up

This service would be great for couples who would like their engagement or pre-wedding shoots to be personal and designed in a way that speaks their stories. 

I believe photoshoots are an integral part of conserving your story. Photographs are powerful because today so quickly rolls away into the past and the ability to capture a moment to keep -what once was- is such a tremendous blessing. It is my heart to help you in your journey towards capturing photos that are unpretentious, timeless and meaningful to you. 

I seek to help you arrive at that through the following:

  • Personalized conceptualization & design direction presented in a pdf inspiration book
  • Outfit coordination
  • Preparation of setting and decor accessories in as much as they enhance and not take away from the sincerity of the shoot

Lead time: 

Recommended lead-time of 4 months, minimum lead-time of 3 months to agreed required date.



Package III
Wedding Design & Set-up

I love weddings because it is one of those days so profound in a person’s history. I have great admiration for weddings that are personal and hosted sincerely. The wedding journey is filled with opportunities to weave-in your presence, appreciation and embrace through the experience for loved ones, guests and even each other. 

Every couple has their story and visions for their wedding day and it would be good (and my delight!) for us to meet and talk about how I can help you through your plans. 

This service includes: 

  • Consultation 
  • Personalized conceptualization & styling direction presented in an inspiration book
  • Recommendation and/or coordination of suitable vendors where applicable
  • Production and set-up based on more detailed conversation

Lead time: 
Recommended lead-time of 6 months, minimum lead-time of 4 months.