To the Drawing Room

Singapore-based wedding designer who believes in sincerity and conserving true stories through design. 

New Every Morning

I love beginning the year on a beautiful note. 

The dawn of To the Drawing Room is a poignant moment in my becoming. The prologue is a dream that has stretched on for many years and one filled with life-giving encouragement from friends and family who believe in me. 

In the past few months, I looked into a mirror and asked my reflection - What is your heart? I need to start well, to start something built upon conviction. To be anchored and rooted before braving the winds. To start with goodness so the chances of it ending in goodness shall be more likely to prevail.   


I know now how to word what my heart has been humming.

Nothing destroys the spirit like ingenuity.
Nothing mars history like untruth.

With a conservationist's heart, in some small way...
I want to reclaim authenticity.
To protect goodness from being lost.
To encourage and curate what is real.

No, I am not so lofty to believe I can change the world… but I can perform my role towards that vision. One story at a time, straining towards the important things. Starting towards being real, towards goodness. Producing things that are not born of mere vanity. And believing that, in small ways, we can protect this goodness from being lost. 

I am certain that this journey will be richly filled with wonderful people and I cannot say how this delights my very soul! Swing by once in a while -- I promise to share the beauty I chance upon. 

Happy new year - Do what you love!

With Love,
Dianne Asha

Photo by Ting Wang of  Ksana

Photo by Ting Wang of Ksana