To the Drawing Room

Singapore-based wedding designer who believes in sincerity and conserving true stories through design. 


Photo by Ting Wang of  Ksana

Photo by Ting Wang of Ksana

Hello friend,

I thought I might share a little about myself, just as I would hope to get to know you too.

My husband Benjamin and I live in Singapore, as we have our whole lives. We couldn’t be more different and yet strangely, he has my heart. He asked me to marry him in front of an abandoned house in sweet shambles, with unknown history written in its white wind-buffed stone and the grain of its aged timbre beams. He held a sign he’d written that said, "I just love the way you are. You are so precious to me. You are my epiphany.” and gave me a ring that looks like two flowers merging as one. 

Despite our romance, and sure, though time does help you find things you love together and ways you are together, we’re quite different yet... and that’s an adventure on some days and a riddle on others. 

For our wedding, I delightedly asked him if I could use his books (the man has a whole library-worth) as part of the banquet table-scapes to celebrate his love for reading, to which he flatly put his foot down as utterly unacceptable-- something about defiling their true nature? I looked at him in puzzled disbelief for many a second and after I’d recovered, resorted to numbering the tables according to the Dewy Decimal library categories and designing our invitations as books. 

I am a lover of forests and quiet waters, easy poetry and a good story. I am deeply moved by sincere celebrations, moments and am hopelessly sentimental. I am stolen by texture and nature. I cannot decide if I love sunshine or thunderstorms more and my heart is easily won by yoghurt - frozen or unfrozen, but the creamy kind, in the biggest cup. My top ten most-visited sites are all home decor and weddings and these days I find I need to eat something and read something right before bed. 


I dream… both sleeping and awake. 


Dianne Asha