To the Drawing Room

Singapore-based wedding designer who believes in sincerity and conserving true stories through design. 



People always ask me what To the Drawing Room means.

Ever curled up in bed with a Jane Austen book on a stormy day? Or watched Downton Abbey? I’ve always loved how the men would rise from the dinner table, crystal glasses of whiskey in hand, declaring “to the drawing room, gents!” Or the ladies slipping away to the drawing room for tea, letters or a heartfelt tete-a-tete.

I love drawing rooms - what they stood for and what they were meant to be. 

The drawing room was a large room in a house that was in many ways, the heart, soul and pride of the home. It was a room worthy of great attention and care, adorned with beloved possessions and all things beautiful that best spoke the family’s personality, history and what was important to them.  It shared their story. It was the home's welcome. 

The title originated from “the withdrawing room”, a place where people would seek privacy, to rest... to withdraw. Yet, it was also where family retreated with friends or entertained close guests. I liked that mix.

It was just what I wanted to do for every event. To me, every private event should be hosted as meaningfully as if you were in your drawing room with close guests. With personality, comfort, presence… 

With heart.


Photo by Ting Wang of  Ksana

Photo by Ting Wang of Ksana